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I am happy to report that as of the 3rd April 2017, I will once again be accepting new clients. Due to heavy demand since Christmas 2016, I had to take the difficult step to refrain from offering initial consultations. So as I know there are people waiting... now is the time and I am now accepting bookings. Thank you for your patience.

20th March 2017.

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Do you want to achieve your goals and make lasting and powerful changes, so that you can enjoy your life more fully?

Therapy is probably the most powerful and effective tool you could ever have in your journey to success, health and happiness. Therapy is your investment in you!

I work with many clients to achieve positive goals and outcomes, using a comprehensive toolbox including the most effective and robust elements from CBT, hypnotherapy, REBT, EMDR and other modalities.

You may have goals such as;

Overcoming problems which are holding you back. For example, losing weight and developing a healthier lifestyle

Overcoming FEARS which are closing in the boundaries of your world. For example, fear of change, being alone/single, getting older

Dealing with depression

Dealing with anxiety problems

Setting and achieving personal goals for success, for example, more self confidence or increased motivation

Removal of fears and phobias

Breaking unwanted habits. For example, hair pulling, stopping smoking

For information on some of the issues therapy can help with, see the list on the left of this page.

John Thornley is a therapist with nearly 20 years of full time experience. He is a skilled and dedicated practitioner and is highly respected amongst his fellow professionals. He brings not only his training and experience to therapy, but many years of real-world experience in both the private sector engineering industry and academia.

Find out more about Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Counselling to discover the huge benefits they offer. Please contact John with any questions for a free telephone consultation or check prices. It costs nothing to find out more.

Finding the right therapist for yourself is vitally important. To help you choose, here is a guide to help you. Please read it carefully. Read can about your first visit here to find out what's likely to happen when you decide to book. Finding the practice is easy; please check here.

John uses a wide range of methods including Z-Point, CBT, REBT, EFT, EMDR, AIT and several forms of hypnotherapy which merge to form a coherent, individual and seemlessly integrated approach for each individual.

You can find a list of interesting topics on the left of this page, covering common problems such as; Stress, Anxiety, Panic, Depression, Phobias, Self-Esteem, Addiction, Confidence and many many more.

If there is ANY issue in which the way you think, feel or behave is leading you to desire personal change, then please call 07595 880250 .

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