Cognitive hypnotherapy

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

What is cognitive hypnotherapy? Simply, the cognitive structures which underpin many emotional problems and which respond very well to processes such as cognitive therapy or CBT, also respond extremely well to cognitive hypnotherapy.

Why? One of the issues wuth CBT is to do with what are called the levers of change. There needs to be some way to help the client's beliefs and automatic thoughts, identified as problematic by a form of analysis, to change. In CBT and other cognitive therapies, processes such as disputing, identification and stopping are used. It takes a significant amount of time and effort for these processes to kick in and frankly, it can be very hard work for the client. Some clients find CBT quite difficult and sometimes unproductive.

In cognitive hypnotherapy, the cognitive analysis is performed in the conventional way and then the particular issues are highlighted and discussed. By mutual agreement, it is decided what changes should be made based strongly on client needs and preferences. At this point the unique cocktail of alterations is crafted into specially constructed hypnosis sessions, usually recorded onto Audio CD or tapes, for repeated reinforcement later at home. The outcomes are very similar to cognitive therapy, but with a great deal of the hard work taken out for the client and comparatively rapid change.

If you are self-referring and have been recommended to go through a course of CBT, cognitive hypnotherapy might form a useful adjunct, or possibly might be an alternative to CBT.

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