Perhaps even the absence of fear of judgement by other people or the inner self, or criticism or some other negative attribution. It is possible, that if you are suffering from a lack of confidence, then your belief in yourself has been upset by an event or some events in the past where you have experienced a humiliation or a severe criticism, perhaps by someone who holds authority over you, or a group of people. This often first occurs in childhood but can be manifest without childhood roots - we are all different.

In such circumstances, the analytical mind steps out of the way, much as it does when hypnosis occurs, but in this circumstance, negative attributions about the self become programmed into the subconscious mind. Simultaneously, the mind becomes fearful a re-enactment of the humiltiation it experienced in this first event.

Effectively, you will have eventually started to believe the message - that your are not as good as others, or are less capable than others, or unlikable and you will actively avoid challenges which, in other circumstances, you might be happy to meet.

Self-Confidence can be attained by de-programming the events when the negative beliefs went in, and the feelings associated with these events. Hypnotherapy is a first class tool to do this kind of work, but other tools work jusy as well or even can be more effective, such as energy psychotherpy like EFT, EMDR or now, AIT.

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