"Counselling" and "Psychotherapy" are terms that are often used interchangeably. Although they are very similar, there are profound differences as well. Technically speaking, "counsellor" means "advisor". It involves two people working together to solve a problem. It is a term that is used in conjunction with many types of advice giving. For example, financial planning and spiritual guidance are both types of counselling. Just about anyone at all may claim to be a counsellor if they are in the role of giving advice so some care is needed in selecting a suitable consellor or therapist so you are advised to choose someone who is a member of either the BACP National Counselling Society NCS or possibly UKCP.


Legislation is likely to be going though in the United Kingdom relatively soon, which makes it illegal to use the term counsellor, or psychotherapist unless you are state registered. In some respects this is welcome, but the way in which this is being handled by the government is ill advised, seeking to place the said professions under the auspices of the Health Professions Council. This body oversees conduct of medical and health related activity in the UK. However, the activities of counsellors and psychotherapists are very often not related to the outcome involving the elimination of symptoms, rather, they are seen as a journey, sometimes short, towards a fuller way of living. These issues do not nehave like "illness", nor are their outcomes measurable by a checklist. Please draw your own conclusions about this.


The term counselling may also properly be used to refer to what occurs in a relationship with a psychotherapist. In practice, counselling can be tuned to meet the needs of the client. It is always, at the very least, an opportunity in a safe place to work though thoughts, feelings and sometimes behaviours ("stuff") that are reducing the quality of the life of the client. Very often, simply acquiring the understanding of your own stuff can be enough but not always so. In the latter situation, it is important to find ways to change and it becomes more important to find a counsellor with an adequate "toolbox". You can contact me by phoning 07595 880250.


Some clients have the opportunity to move into deeper work if counselling alone does not take them towards their goal. Shifting modes in this way can be appear seemless and such transitions are possible here.

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If you are looking to find a psychotherapist, counsellor or hypnotherapist to help with the resolution of a presenting issue, or you find my approach in some area speaks to you in some way, or simply wish to talk to someone without any commitment, then please contact me here in Loughborough. You can discuss anything in complete confidentiality without judgement or criticism in a totally safe environment.

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