Drug Induced

Drug Induced Disorders

Modern western medication has value and like all things powerful, may carry a potential risk that any possible side or unwanted effects may interfere with some function of the body.

Unfortunately, the mind is also susceptible to these unwanted effects. Whilst it is true that the psychotropic effects of many drugs are almost impossible to detect, some drugs do have a measurable effect. In most circumstances, there is a compromise in that these effects can be tolerated by the patient, whilst benefiting from the principle target effect of the drug. In not quite so rare circumstances, this compromise may be unsound or toxic.

Some antibiotics, for example, carry risks which can cause anxiety disorders which persist beyond the length of treatment of the drug. Occasionally psychosis or a brief psychotic episode can be triggered. Sadly, there is no way to foresee whether or not you will be affected in these ways until it has already occurred.

These episodes sometimes give rise to conditions which require treatment to restore balance to the mind.

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