First Visit

First Visit?

Visiting a therapist or psychotherapist for the first time may feel daunting. Anything which is new and relates to an important facet of life should be addressed seriously and possibly with courage and determination. It is a situation which many are deterred from encountering because they predict they will feel too uncomfortable. I have hardly ever known any client reflecting back on their first session with regret, or saying they wish they had never bothered attending. It is important then to know that, even though visiting a professional therapist can be a little scary, it's worth the small initial discomfort. It soon disppears, usually within 5 minutes.

If you have read the page on how to choose a therapist, you will now realise that amidst all the competant therapists to choose from, it is about finding a therapist with whom you feel you can relate and communicate without judgement or criticism. If you choose your therapist on this basis, you are very likely to succeed in your endeavour, whatever that might me.-


These are an opportunity to really relate to someone about your issue and ensure your needs are realistic and achievable and what to adjust if necessary. Further and importantly, this is an opportunity to meet someone you may be working with for a little while, so you will need to ensure you are comfortable in every respoect and you feel safe in the therapist's office or workplace.

Very soon, reservations about the process are put in their proper place and it becomes possible to begin to tell your story; the first step in a journey towards healing or growing or moving on; integrating life's experiences and new more acceptable ways of thinking and feeling. The time you spend with therapy will be the most precious time you ever spend in terms of the gains it can bring. It is an experience everyone should have the opportunity to have and use to their advantage.

Easy Access for Loughborough and from Leicester, Nottingham & Derby

If you are looking to find a psychotherapist, counsellor or hypnotherapist to help with the resolution of a presenting issue, or you find my approach in some area speaks to you in some way, or simply wish to talk to someone without any commitment, then please contact me here in Loughborough. You can discuss anything in complete confidentiality without judgement or criticism in a totally safe environment.

Access is easy from The North side of Leicester, the South Side of Nottingham, including West Bridgford and the South side of Derby. There is plenty of easy parking outside of or close to the office which is located near to Loughborough town centre.

You can find my contact details here. Alternatively, you can just call me on 07595 880250, or email me using the form on this page.