Analytical Hypnotherapy

Hypnoanalysis (aka Analytical Hypnotherapy)

Thousands of people are counselled every year for the effect of trauma (mental scars) – following events such as abuse – mental, physiological, and sexual – even financial. Not every one reacts the same way, although there are common symptoms – like flashbacks, disrupted sleep patterns, over dependency in relationships, sudden mood swings, lack of concentration and the determination to try to block it – (shame and guilt locks a symptom in) which leads to excessive in anything like work, sleep, sex, drugs, drinking, smoking, eating disorder, enuresis, fear, worry, phobias…Ideally, a person may go though life without having any “perceived” state of being other than of being thoroughly healthy, completely confident and content, mentally brilliant, and more than enough for any situation. This is the ideal for which we are created.

The subconscious mind would continue to help this “perceived” state of being, and all ideas presented would also sub-consciously be handled to aid this state. It is no dark, sinister enemy of man, but actually is given to us to give health and even to promote a continuance of this state…But, there are neurotic “dis-eases” which manifest itself in insecurity, stress, depression, suicide, chronic pain – and all bad habits like nail biting, etc…

For this reason, a psychotherapist or hypnopsychotherapist may help the subconscious resolve by giving it different “perceptions” of a person’s state of being, and the subconscious will then continue to handle ideas thereafter to aid and maintain this new “suggested” – imagined state of being. It is not programmed by reality, but by the concept, real or imagined, fed to the mind, where memories are stored…

Hypnosis has probably been praised and decried more than any other medical treatment since it was first given notoriety by Dr. Anton Mesmer (1773 University of Vienna) under the name of animal magnetism. Many student of hypnosis have claimed that the process will produce marvelous cures, whereas others have countered that hypnosis simply does not exist.

The earliest critical experience is usually associated with uncomfortable feelings, some of which the individual may become aware for the first time. However, a frightening or painful feeling must be faced with courage – an adult mind understanding the child’s view. (80 % of all our emotions – happiness as well as fear and sadness - are imbedded in our subconscious mind before the age of 7 years old!!!)

The unconscious mind has to locate this experience by the simple process of tracing the uncomfortable feeling to its source. The detailed conscious knowledge of the actual circumstances is not necessary. Visualization, imagination or even fantasies can locate the critical experience or the repressed emotions – sadness, anger, fear or a combination of any or all of these feelings. An intense feeling reaching the conscious awareness or selective awareness is called an abreaction – since it is a reaction from the original cause of tension – and free from any repressive action.

Once the communication has been established between the hypnotherapist and the individual – and between the intellect and the subconscious (sometimes unconscious) mind the individual is directed to locate the first event which evoked a feeling, an emotion (which put a certain part under motion) increased heart rate, higher pulse, Goosebumps, headache, discomfort, pain produced by tension, fear, embarrassment, shame, guilt etc…

Throughout the hypno-analysis procedure, the fundamental assumption maintains that the Adult ego state can find a solution underlying the Parent/Child conflict provided it is given sufficient information. The hypnotherapist must skillfully use these techniques to pry such information from the unconscious memories and allow the adult mind to consider to keep only the learning experience and to let go of the conflicting emotion.

This new solution will eliminate any other dysfunction, obsessions and compulsions – in time. The individual now has the resources to care and protect – the repressed emotion is recognized, accepted and relinquished. This phase of analytical hypnotherapy (regression therapy) must be completed with care and thoroughness – and requires the individuals benefit and personal desire towards healing – physically –mentally – emotionally and spiritually. This whole procedure must be pleasant, positive to reach the outcome – goal.

The recognition of the current irrelevance of the previously repressed emotion is the most important step in hypno – therapy – a feeling of communication, negotiation, forgiveness and understanding – love will set the individual free.

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