Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

IBS is a bowel disorder where abdominal pain, and/or feelings of distention or bloating are linked with defecating or other changes in bowel habit. There can be physical symptoms of stress underlying this condition, including gas, constipation or diarrhoea, cramps and muscle spasms, or frequent indigestion or heartburn.

About a quarter of the population have reported symptoms of IBS and hypnotherapy has been shown to be extremely effective with a high proportion of clients, showing improvement in both symptoms and overall well-being. By using hypnosis to explore some of the aspects of feelings of anxiety that can be linked to IBS, sufferers can regain control over their own bodies through building tools for relaxation and dissociation from uncomfortable events. The main advantage of using hypnosis is that this method simply allows greater access to a person's unconscious mind, so that they can themselves effect the changes they require.

Use of hypnosis gives the individual ways of managing the internal experiences connected with IBS for themselves, so that, where their past internal experience has been that of discomfort and anxiety, this can be changed to feelings of comfort, safety and relaxation. In this way, quality of life can be substantially improved.

You may also wish to address IBS by assessment of food intolerance and diet. Yorktest Laboratories are a useful point of contact for this.

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