Initial Consultation


Assessments are at the practice at;

5 Princess Street, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 2EQ

These can be booked by telephone on 07595 880250. You will need to give your telephone number and a few other details about yourself. This is your opportunity to discuss your problem or issue to find a solution and to make sure that you are comfortable with whoever you decide to work. You can check appointment availability here.

These are not free?

All therapists work differently. This is a good opportunity to ensure that your goals are realistic. It is important to spend a little time so you can make sure of this without you having to commit to a full session. These are of very low cost.


It is not uncommon to make enquiries based on myths about hypnosis; understandably leading us to think that some issue can be resolved in a single session. Many presenting issues are longstanding so this is mostly unrealistic, but by all means, discuss it and at the very least, do your own research before attending. However, some things can resolve very quickly.

It is often a very empowering experience to discover that your problem is valid, and that you have every right to do what you can to improve the quality of your life. Also, for those whose principle mode of therapy is likely to be hypnotherapy, it is no surprise that the unrealistic image of hypnosis, as portrayed by stage and TV hypnosis shows, may deter potential clients from seeking this particularly effective mode of therapy. The real nature of hypnosis, for the curious, cautious, interested or just plain confused, can be found here!

Easy Access for Loughborough and from Leicester, Nottingham & Derby

If you are looking to find a psychotherapist, counsellor or hypnotherapist to help with the resolution of a presenting issue, or you find my approach in some area speaks to you in some way, or simply wish to talk to someone without any commitment, then please contact me here in Loughborough. You can discuss anything in complete confidentiality without judgement or criticism in a totally safe environment.

Access is easy from The North side of Leicester, the South Side of Nottingham, including West Bridgford and the South side of Derby. There is plenty of easy parking outside of or close to the office which is located near to Loughborough town centre.

You can find my contact details here. Alternatively, you can just call me on 07595 880250, or email me using the form on this page.