Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Hypnotherapy can form an important adjunct in the relief of pain. Hypnotherapy is the process of accessing, communicating and sending positive suggestions to the subconscious mind.

Several recent studies have looked at what goes on in the brain during hypnosis. In one, hypnotised subjects had their hands immersed in "painfully hot" water but were told it was comfortably warm. This not only altered their perception of the pain but also altered blood flow in pain-related parts of the brain.

The brain can respond to pain by releasing chemicals called endorphins which reduce or inhibit pain sensations. Thus the alteration to the perception of pain may be influenced by both the peripheral response to painful stimulus and higher brain activity such as cognition and emotion. The perceived intensity of the pain can be altered by the mental state, opening the way for psychological intervention.

Altering nerve messages

Hypnosis may work by encouraging the release of endorphins - the body's own painkillers - but the exact mechanism involved has not been established.

But, hypnosis is an easy-to-administer procedure which has no deep or long-lasting side effects, yet most doctors ignore its effectiveness in lieu of more traditional methods such as drug "therapy". Even though its exact mechanisms of action are unknown, it still has merit. Fortunately, the body of knowledge regarding hypnosis continues to grow, and hopefully will one day address these issues. The trend will hopefully lead to an examination of the neuro-chemical basis for hypnosis pain management. Understanding of this mechanism can also lead to advances in comprehension of other relaxation and dissociative states.

In 1986 conservative estimates suggest that only about 10% of us are able to use hypnosis to avoid intense pain, as in surgery or childbirth. The fact is that the effectiveness of self-hypnosis suggestions has not been objectively evaluated and compared to other methods.

Other methods

There is a raft of techniques which can modify, reduce or transmute the perception of pain and eliminate suffering which do not involve the use of trance state (hypnosis).

These can be learned VERY quickly. One session is often all that is required to find the best method for YOU and for you to learn it effectively. Call me on 07595 880250 .

Please note, however, that not ALL clients can be helped with pain related problems. It does not take too long to find out if this is going to be useful and sucessful for you.