Retail Addiction

Retail (& Credit Card) Addiction

If you are suffering with this one, it is unneccessary to explain the way retail addiction compells you to spend. The hit obtained from buying is extremely short lived and is unsatisfying - the main hit coming from the short-term anticipation just prior to purchase.

The costs of this addiction are astronomical to the individual, their relatives and the financial outlook of the sufferer. This is treatable and must be taken seriously. Many media sources treat this problem as something to ridicule or even take lightly but sufferers know how offensive this viewpoint is.

There is much shame and secrecy surrounding retail addiction, with "habits" often disguised as other behaviours, such as "collecting", or "auctions" or "special treats". Very simply, if you cannot say "no" to a particular purchase of a non-essential item, you have a problem of some degree and should get it treated NOW.

You think about it even when you are not doing it. If you need help with this it is better to do something now, rather than wait until the cards are completely maxed out. Or is it there already? And you are waiting for what exactly? You can call me now on 07595 880250 and I will help you switch this off.