Z Point Process

ZPoint Process (pron: zee-point)

This process is so simple it will make you ask the question, "How can something so simple be so effective?" Read on. ZPoint is used to set yourself free from emotions, behaviours and patterns you no longer wish to keep. It can also be used to install new ones! Z-Point is NOT a coping strategy or method, it is a way of resolving issues for good.

The first step in this simple process is to pick a cue word or keyword. A cue word is like the on/off button on a torch. By following the process, you are telling the subconscious mind to go and process, or clear, or reassociate information in the mind whenever it receives the cueword.

You can choose any word you wish - try to avoid the mundane words like "egg" or"grass". Use something memorable that you are unlikely to use in your daily life, but keep it simple. Some people choose exotic colours or names or crystals.

Next, you read the following short instruction to your sub-conscious mind. Really mean it and want this instruction firmly embedded in your mind - it is going to improve the quality of your life many fold. Finally, focus on something you wish to release and simply repeat your cue word like a mantra for 10 or 15 seconds.

Now, just read the instruction to your subconscious mind:

I hereby set a powerful intention within you, my subconscious mind, to effect the best of all possible outcomes by this clearing, and that each time I notice a pattern or patterns I wish to eliminate, as I say or think my cue word, you will eliminate all such patterns and components of patterns completely and safely.

Each time I repeat my cue word in sequence, you will access deeper and deeper layers and all parts and all aspects of my being.

You only have to read the above ONCE. Ever. You do not need to consciously remember it. Now focus on what you wish to release, simply say the following statements as you tune into them in your mind ...

  1. I clear all the ways that I (feel angry, sad, wistful, lonely etc) <cue>
  2. I clear all the patterns connected to those ways. <cue>
  3. I clear all the emotions connected to those patterns. <cue>

Thats it!

You can also link each "way" statement and say steps 2 and 3 at the end. Here is an example using stress as a focus, like this...


* Emotions include but are not limited to any anger, judgment, criticism, blame, shame, guilt, resentment, fear and unforgiveness.

When I first tried this for myself, I was highly skeptical but soon realised I had been shown something of great value. Try it for yourself - it safely and effectively affects you at a very deep subconscious level, without hypnosis. You are likely to be amazed at the results.

ZPoint has been created by Canadian Certified Hypnotherapist Grant Connolly, CHt who can be reached through this web site: www.zpointforpeace.com. Many thanks to Grant for the creation and continuing evolution of this approach. Therapy does not have to be difficult!

If you would like more information or just wish to get on with this process, call me on 07595 880250 .